The purpose of this section of the website is to build up an all-round picture of my involvement of all forms of PBM football. Broadly speaking, my teams can be divided in to three camps:

- Teams that were once active but are not presently.
- Teams that were once active and are now again.
-  New teams, currently active.


There are six of these:

1. Hamilton Harriers. Were originally active in the Pole Star Alliance. Sherwood Games got locked out of their own league, so I moved them to the Apex League. That league was then discontinued, so I gave up!

2. Rushden & Emeralds. Originally in one of the North Star Alliances. When I quit Sherwood Games, I took them to the Apex League (that's right, the one that was then discontinued...)

3. Curry Crusaders. I entered them in the debut season of the Trident League, primarily to have a team of players loosely based around items on an Indian restaurant menu!

4. The Paq. Defence? What defence? My original all-out attacking team that always played either 3-2-5 or 3-3-4.

5. Dumbarton Town. A team relegated from the top flight of the None League, who I took on to try to take back up again. 

6. Miami Celts. I competed with them for 2 1/2 seasons in the Will Scarlet premier League.


Honours PLD W D L Record Win Record Loss


Miami Celts

Hamilton Harriers



PSA3.1C, PSA2.1C, AL.C














5-0 vs Hucknall Sports

4-0 5 times


1-5 @ Inter Derby

0-3 twice

Rushden & Emeralds AL.C 76 36 24 14 4-0 vs Wayne's Wanderers 0-3 @ Maida Vale Athletic
Curry Crusaders TL1.2nd 30 14 13 3 4-0 twice 0-4 @ Southport
The Paq NSA1.3rd 47 25 9 13 5-0 twice 0-3 three times
Dumbarton Town NL2. 1P 30 19 6 5 5-1 vs Manchester Albion 0-3 twice

PSA = Pole Star Alliance, AL = Apex League, TL = Trdent League, NSA = North Star Alliance, NL = None League.

% Win % Lose % Draw Agg. Points
Hamilton Harriers 74.65 4.23 21.13 245.07
Rushden & Emeralds 47.37 18.42 31.58 173.68
Curry Crusaders 46.67 10.00 43.33 183.33
The Paq 53.19 27.66 19.15 178.72
Dumbarton Town 63.33 16.67 20.00 210.00

I should point out that all of the above teams, who played in the 1990s, were part of a traditional league structure. In other words, there was no Premier League, the top division was Division 1.

"Aggregate points" is a calculation which converts the team's entire record in to an equivilant points tally over 100 games. The maximum is therefore 300.


There are three of these, all noticeably less successful than the teams listed above:

1. Goodhead F.C. Originally played in the None League Division 3. In their third season, were promoted to Division 2. Now active with an all-new team in the Watnall League Division 1.

2. A.C.Altrincham. Originally played in the North Star Alliance Division 4,  the team has returned in the Apex League P1 Division 3. They were promoted as Runners Up in their first season.

3. Ghoul Town. Originally in the None League Division 4, the team returned in the Apex League P1 Division 3.

I was not remotely impressed with Apex, which seemed to have regressed since the 1990s, where as Soccer Star has evolved and is now a far better game. For this reason I quit Apex after only one season back and increased my investment in Soccer Star.


Swinfen Hall - Will Scarlet Premier League

Bromsgrove Rovers - Will Scarlet Premier League

Oakland Raiders - British Supreme Premier League

Queen of Spades - Major Oak Alliance Premier League

Queen of Hearts - Major Oak Alliance Division One

Queen of Clubs - Major Oak Alliance Division One

Hundon Harriers - Opal Elite League Division Two

Belvoir Vale - North Star Alliance Division Two

Abbey Park - Elizabethan League Division Three

Godhead - ML Division Four

It is worth noting that three of the above teams hold all-time records in PBM football for me.

My heaviest defeat of all time was "achieved" by Queen of Hearts FC in my first game there, losing 0-5 at Tyldesley Panthers, since equalled by Belvoir Vale losing 1-6 at home to Rockwell Rangers.

Godhead have my biggest ever win, 6-0 at home to Bot92104. This result was then equalled by Belvoir Vale winning 6-0 at home to Sinjuns Too.

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