Hundon Harriers - League & Cup Records by Season

SeasonDivision  Pos.PldWonDrawnLostForAgainstGDPtsCup
2011/12Division 32nd3019656321+42631st Rd
2012/13Division 26th3012993129+2451st Rd
2013Division 27th3091743826+1244QF
2013/14Division 25th30145113932+7471st Rd
2014Division 24th3015695732+25511st Rd
2014/15Division 21st30141244427+7541st Rd
2015/16Division 11st302244541341703rd Rd
2016/17Premier16th3069153551-16271st Rd

Hundon Harriers - Top Goalscorers by Season

SeasonDivision  GoalscorerGoals
2011/12Division 3Kenny J Carsington16
2012/13Division 2Jan Wysock8
2013Division 2Tony Griffin16
2013/14Division 2Tony Griffin13
2014Division 2Rafael van der Meyde11
2014/15Division 2Paolo Rossi11
2015/16Division 1Adamski Hammill13
2016PremierTed McDougall12
2016/17PremierTed McDougall8

Hundon Harriers - League Champions!

Although the team have not yet come close to winning a league title, three of their players have gone on to win league titles elsewhere:

Emir Haj Massaoud (Midfielder) - with Rapid Moseley in the Will Scarlet League
Joshua Npowa (Midfielder) - with Charscot Wanderers in the Watnall Premier League
Nielson Roy (Striker) - with Oakland Raiders in the British Supreme League

Hundon Harriers - Hall of Fame Inductees

Former Striker Pierre Vairelles
Nick Warren - Goalkeeper 33 appearances in 2011/12
Omni Npowa - Midfielder 92 appearances, 14 goals
Kenny J Carsington - Striker 95 appearances, 23 goals
Emir Haj Massaoud - Midfielder 59 appearances, 7 goals
Joshua Npowa - Midfielder 18 appearances, 3 goals
Peter Dacat - Goalkeeper 145 appearances
Andre Lever - Defender 89 appearances, 5 goals
Marco Valeron - Midfielder 230 appearances, 20 goals
Kevin Dyer - Midfielder 145 appearances, 16 goals
Tony Griffin - Striker 80 appearances, 35 goals
Jason Pearce - Defender 321 appearances 13 goals
Donald Edwards - Goalkeeper 110 appearances
Adamski Hammill - Midfielder & Striker 107 appearances, 27 goals
Ted McDougall - Striker 91 appearances, 28 goals

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